Frost for a Day

04/02/2014By MarijnLandscapes, Plants & Fungi

I think it’s fair enough to assume that King Winter is not coming to the Netherlands this year. Seems he is stuck in deep snow somewhere in Austria or the like, forgot his snowchains or just enjoys it over there. Good for him. We’ll have to do without snow and ice and whiteout conditions at … Read More

On Edge

15/10/2013By MarijnPlants & Fungi

Yes, I am a little on edge. After a few weeks of very little time out in nature, I was really looking forward to spending some quality time in the outdoors. Given the weather predicitions that were published on Friday for the following Saturday and Sunday, I put my money on the Sunday and made plans on where to … Read More

I Bob Rossed

08/10/2013By MarijnPlants & Fungi

Inspite of a lack of time and thus the piece of mind to really work an image, I still went out and tried to make the best of it. A daunting task for sure, because I did not really have an obvious photographic target in mind. The height of autumn colors is still some weeks … Read More

Red Rowan

16/09/2013By MarijnPlants & Fungi

My two daughters are both suffering from chicken pocks, which makes a good night’s sleep an illusion. I did set the alarm, but for the first time in ages decided to ignore it and go back to sleep. It was not even a tiny voice in the back of my head telling me it was … Read More

Up 4 Nights To Get Lucky

17/07/2013By MarijnPlants & Fungi

Just returned from a short but lovely and warm campingtrip with the family. The campsite was very close to the badger sett that had delivered so well last time and I looked forward to spend a few evenings at the sett and broaden my badger portfolio. But plans, ideas and intentions are no good if they … Read More

Peinture Autumnale

12/11/2012By MarijnAbstract & Macro, Plants & Fungi

  During our week at sea, we were not really spoiled with an abundance of autumn colors. Only a few trees and shrubs in the dunes had put on their most colorful coats, but vegetation is sparse along the coast, so they were lone dissonants in an otherwise dullish landscape. From checking the internet every … Read More