Well, normally I try to go my own way in photography and I hate following the crowds. For this one time, I had to make an exception and be the next in (the long) line of people to have their own weblog. But for a reason: I simply cannot find the time to update my website on a regular basis. A weblog, which is easy to maintain from just about everywhere, seems like a usefull add-on to my website. It will enable me to update the site with new images and photographic news with relative ease and without having to redo the whole website (which is basically built in Photoshop with very little html coding) everytime I think I have something nice to tell or show.

The idea of this weblog is not just to show you some new work and old favourites, but mainly to share some useful insights into the making of the images presented, such as location, camouflage, exposure and PS work.