Hit the Road

22/09/2010By MarijnUncategorized

No time for photography last weekend, at least not actively. From September 19 – 26, Brabants Landschap organizes the ‘ Week van het Landschap’. This year based in the beautiful Herbertusbossen in Heeze, all kinds of activities take place to connect people with nature (conservation). Besides doing walks and bicycle routes, people can watch a … Read More


06/02/2009By MarijnUncategorized

When I won the Grasduinen photography competition last year, the editors told me they wanted to publish a portfolio of some of my images in their magazine. Well, today’s the day! You can find the portfolio in this months edition. I am rather happy with the images they chose from the batch I had sent … Read More

Naturescapes.net article

03/10/2008By MarijnUncategorized

No, unfortunately the book cover to the left is not mine. It’s the cover to Andy Rouse’s latest coffee table book titled “Concepts of Nature”. I’m a huge fan of both coffee and Andy’s work, and his latest book is no exception. In the book, Andy describes the process he has recently gone through as … Read More

Follow the crowds

05/08/2008By MarijnUncategorized

Well, normally I try to go my own way in photography and I hate following the crowds. For this one time, I had to make an exception and be the next in (the long) line of people to have their own weblog. But for a reason: I simply cannot find the time to update my … Read More