Hit the Road

22/09/2010By MarijnUncategorized

No time for photography last weekend, at least not actively. From September 19 – 26, Brabants Landschap organizes the ‘ Week van het Landschap’. This year based in the beautiful Herbertusbossen in Heeze, all kinds of activities take place to connect people with nature (conservation). Besides doing walks and bicycle routes, people can watch a … Read More

And then there were three…

09/07/2010By MarijnUncategorized

It’s been a while since my last post, and for a very good reason. Today one week ago, I got up at 5am to visit the kingfishers again, as I expected the chicks to explore the world outside the nest that day. I was just about to leave, when my wife told me she had … Read More

Winter and yet Green!

29/11/2009By MarijnUncategorized

May I suggest to rename November to Not-vember? For the second week in a row, I’ve witnessed the most beautiful sunrises from my office window, only to find myself under a dark and most of all wet sky during the weekend. I endured the bad weather yesterday and went out for a few hours. Without … Read More

Happy Together

27/09/2009By MarijnUncategorized

A weekend like no other in several aspects. Hanneke and me got married last Friday. We were very lucky to have a bright and sunny late summers day, and celebrated our wedding together with the persons that are important to us: our family and friends. Big thanks to everyone who spent the day and/or evening … Read More

Slow Starter

02/04/2009By MarijnUncategorized

On last months frontpage of this website, I announced the start of a new non-profit initiative, Wild@Home and Wild@Work. The start-up phase has been slow but steady. We sent our first quotation to the province of Noord-Brabant, are being mentioned on the weblog of Grasduinen Magazine and will be mentioned again in their regular May … Read More


06/02/2009By MarijnUncategorized

When I won the Grasduinen photography competition last year, the editors told me they wanted to publish a portfolio of some of my images in their magazine. Well, today’s the day! You can find the portfolio in this months edition. I am rather happy with the images they chose from the batch I had sent … Read More