May I suggest to rename November to Not-vember? For the second week in a row, I’ve witnessed the most beautiful sunrises from my office window, only to find myself under a dark and most of all wet sky during the weekend. I endured the bad weather yesterday and went out for a few hours. Without a single image taken, I had to return home when my electronic flashes started to flash without me touching a button. Raindrops and electronics do not match. Should have known…

Well, let’s then take this image-less week to inform you about the fact that is going green! From the first week of January on, I will exchange the fuel consuming car for an e-scooter that makes use of batteries. The plan is to use the e-scooter for short photographic trips around my area, wherever there are tarmac roads.

I’ll be using it as well for the daily commuting to my office job and all other short drives that can (should) be done without the car. The great thing about these e-scooters is that they do not make any noise and do not emit CO2 into the environment. All you have to do is charge the battery at night. Radius of a fully charged battery is about 70 kilometers. Not bad at all. Electronic vehicles are the transport of the future. In China, already lots of these e-scooters drive around. In the Netherlands, numbers are booming as well.

I really look forward to driving around on my silent and emission free e-scooter and want to advise you to have a look at the specifications of the various models available, for example here. Maybe it’s something for you as well? Many small initiatives might make the big difference in the long run!