Another weekend with grey and drab weather. A typical Dutch transitional period between winter and spring. I spent some time checking out possible photo locations for when spring finally arrives in full swing. I installed a nice perch at a nesting site for Kingfishers (hope they have survived the fierce cold of winter) and made a nice walk at a local reserve with several ponds. I came across a foraging bittern and found many interesting animal tracks.

Lots of new plans for spring, let’s see which ones will become reality and which ones will remain mere illusions.

Of course I brought the camera with me on the walk, inspite of the bad weather, strong winds and hard rain. Not much to photograph, until I sat down against a tree to rest for a few minutes. When I looked up, I noticed the threatening sky and the strong shapes of the leafless trees. Together, I think they make for an interesting composition. It also reminds me to look up every now and then. You never know what you may see.

Gloomy Sky and Winter Trees; Canon 1D Mark III w. 12-24/4.5-5.6; 1/100s at F11 and ISO200; Handheld.