What the Fog!?One final try with the Roe Deer. It is obvious that the rutting season has about finished. There’s hardly any (inter)action to be seen and the roe deer are again quite difficult to stalk and photograph. On this final try, I was lucky to have a very foggy morning. After some frantic searching, this doe appeared on the horizon and was willing to pose for a few seconds in the fog and against the rising sun. I was taking verticals when she decided to run off, so this is the original image, not a crop from a horizontal shot.

Images taken in foggy weather need a different approach in post processing. Normally, you would move the black and white sliders in Levels inwards until they hit the histogram edges. This spreads the tonal values in your image and increases overall contrast. It is also the best way to kill fog… Just move the sliders inwards a little to taste, but not too far or you’ll loose the atmosphere that is typical for a foggy morning. Moving the middle slider a bit to the left lightens your image a bit, which might further improve your foggy image.

Roe Deer; Canon 1D Mark III w. 500/4 IS and 1.4x; 1/800s at F5.6 and ISO 400; Gitzo tripod