Not a lot of photography last weekend, at least not in the active sense of the noun. I spent two days at the NVN nature photo festival, passively watching a lot of great work on the big screen. I am not going to summarize the event, others have done that already. Suffice to say I enjoyed it a lot, talked to many people and even saw some faces that match longtime FB-friends’ profile pics. One of my personal highlights was the Friday seminar of the Scotts. Their Saturday lecture was nothing more than a bad commercial and I really think they sold themselves short, as they have so many amazing photos and stories to share. Which they fortunately did during the seminar. Back home I did some dumpster diving in the Africa folders of the harddisk in preparation of a lecture on Kenya I will give next week. I reprocessed a personal favourite from 2006 (!), a panning shot of zebra on the Busanga Plains in Zambia’s Kafue national park. A modest 3504 pixels on the trusty 20D that accompanied me during my first babysteps in this fantastic pastime we call nature photography. In our never-ending quest for better and more evocative imagery, it sometimes is good and rewarding to just look back and see how much you evolved and grew as a photographer.

Running Zebra; Canon 20D w. 500/4L IS and 1.4x; 1/20s at F32 and ISO100; handheld