The weekend was spent with the family in a nice little cottage amidst beautiful surroundings. Of course the camera was part of the inventory, but I only took shots of people, mainly our wonderful 1-year old daughter.

I won’t litter the blog with family snapshots, so here’s another fungus photograph from last week. Yet again a Porcelain Fungus, but a lot less recognizable than last week’s shot. When photographing fungi and toadstools, I usually spend a lot of time with a single individual and try to exhaust all possible angles and exposures. Also, I focus manually and try to deliberately focus in front of or behind the subject.

In this case, the effect of backfocus worked well, especially in combination with the whitebalance set to tungsten. The whole photograph now has the feel of a foggy, dark and cold autumn morning. The images with a regular whitebalance look good too, but not as cool (pun intended) as this one. With the rains of the last few days, I guess there will be lots more subjects to explore, so I’ll be back next weekend without a shadow of a doubt.

Porcelain Fungus; Canon 5D Mark II w. 150/2.8; 1/40s at F2.8 and ISO 800, handheld lying on ground