It seems we’re in a transitional period. Last weekend, temperatures were relatively mild, with full sun and still colorful leaves on the treebranches. Today, when writing this, temperatures have plummeted below zero, the ground is white from frost and many trees have lost their last vegetation.

Weather experts have warned for a horror winter: ice and icecold with a lot of snow. Although I could do without the cold, ice and snow when commuting to my job, I love it when out for photography. Patterns in the ice, white landscapes, more approachable mammals and birds at the feeding station. I look forward to it.

History has taught me that it is wise to make photographic plans for the winter season. It prevents one from running hysterically from one subjct to the other, because ‘everything looks beautiful in winter’. It’s better to literally focus on one or a few subjects and stick to those. The last few winters, I refrained from shooting landscapes, resulting in a severe lack of snowy white landscapes in my archives. That’s definitely something I want to change, along with winter photographs of several bird and mammals species. Let’s see what winter has in store for us, and even more so, let’s hope the most beautiful white days will be weekenddays, so I actually will be able to go out and enjoy it.

Autumn Beech; Canon 5DMark II w. 17-40/4L; 1/4s at F16 and ISO200; tripod and remote release

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  • Hi Martijn,

    Een mooie foto. Mijn eerste indruk/gedachte is diepte en contrast.

    Contrast in de kleuren is typisch herfst. De diepte door de hoek van de foto met onderaan de foto de rechte lijnen van bomen in de achtergrond die uiteindelijke allemaal naar middenboven wijzen. Duidelijk een andere herfstfoto in vergelijking met de vele andere ‘standaard’ herfstfoto’s.

    Groeten Pieter.

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