The past weekend did not deliver much, with grey skies on each morning and less obliging subjects than hoped for. I put the hours in the field to good use though, and researched a large area for a possible little project for this spring. It seems I got a lucky strike and after several hours of searching found a spot that could deliver. Hopefully I’ll be able to show some results soon. Above is a shot from last week, when I went to my new playground in hopes of a great sunrise. I must have visited the area dozens of times now and have made a mental list of the best vantage points. I only had to wait for the right light and be there. Driving to the scene, banks of low-hanging mist dotted the landscape everywhere. But once there, only a small bank floated around my area of choice. Just when I was about to curse my continuing bad decisionmaking, a whole herd of them came to join the party and before I could say “fog”, I found myself in a very small world. As they say, the plot thickens, and so did the mist. I could not see anything that was more than 10 meters away from me . The sun worked hard to penetrate the mist, but only managed to do so when the mist had retreated a bit, which took more than an hour.  It was not what I had bargained for, but very nice nonetheless. So I shot my complete mental list of vantage points in these misty conditions, a nice addition to my expanding portfolio of this place. 

The Plot Thickens; Canon 5D Mark III w. 17-40/4L; 4s at F16 and ISO200; tripod, ND Grad, remote release