The lion sleeps tonightWell…not only tonight. Actually, lions sleep most of the day and generally only hunt during the night or very early morning hours. That means that whenever you come across a pride of lions during a game drive, chances are about 100% that they will be lazying around. That does not make for very interesting photos.

Nonetheless, most people take pictures of dozing lions that excel at doing absolutely nothing, and then rush on to the next sighting. I prefer to just sit and wait. Eventually, the lions will do something interesting. Cubs start to play with eachother, the big male will yawn or a lioness will lick its paws.

In this case, a lazy lioness rolled over on her back and stretched her feet into the air. A fleeting moment that lasted only seconds, but just long enough for a photo of a part of a lion that you don’t get to photograph very often. At least not without being hurt…

Lazy lioness; Canon 1D Mark III w. EF 500/4 IS and EF 2XII; 1/400s at F8, ISO 200; Beanbag from car window.