Another weekend with only very limited time for photography. Weather forecast was not too bad, so I decided to give landscape photography another try. With my newly acquired set of filters, I went to the local heathland, where I had found a very promising spot fot landscape photography some weeks ago (see Octobers blog). I spent an hour on two consecutive mornings at the spot, without a sigle results that I was happy with. There just was no color in the sky and there were¬†hardly any clouds to make the sky look more interesting. Well, I won’t give up and will return to the spot over and over again until I have something I like.

For better weather conditions, I guess we’ll have to wait for the temperatures to drop. Some frost, fog and winter sunlight will completely change the look of any landscape. For now, it’s just way too warm.
Not only for landscape photography, but also for birds at the feeding station. I went to the forest restaurant to refill the feeders, when I found that the rains in combination with the high temperatures had made the seeds partly germinate. There was a very thick layer of muck on the feeder, which took about 15 minutes to get rid of. Inspite of the vegetarian menu, it was still very busy at the restaurant. A good sign!

Before heading back home, I spent some 30 minutes on a dewdrop covered spiderweb and got this rather abstract image. I like it a lot and am happy I got at least something interesting given the far from ideal conditions. Let’s see what next week will bring.

Dewdrop Abstract; Canon 1 D Mark III with 150/2.8; 1/250s at F4 and ISO 200; Gitzo tripod and remote release.