At the end of April, we spent a week in the Austrian Alps in Osttirol. The view from our cosy farm accommodation was wonderful and we never ventured far. And even if we had wanted to, we couldn’t. It appeared to be sort of an off-season, between the end of the skiing season and start of the summer season. It was hard finding a place to eat and hiking trails into the mountains were still unappeasable and thus closed. The upside to this was the absence of tourists (we were the only car with a foreign license plate) and the fact that we were presented with all kinds of weather in that one week. We had blistering sun, mist, hail, rain and even snow that did not melt right-away. My personal favorite were the low-hanging clouds shrouding the alpine forests, creating a very moody scenery. Even around noon, this provided me with great photo opportunities from the doorstep. Several mornings, I got op, walked out the door and right down into this alpine meadow. After shooting sunrise, I would go back to bed to warm my frozen feet and hands and get up again at a more holiday-like hour. Wish I could be like that more often!

Austrian Alps; Canon 5D Mark III w. 16-35/4L IS.