Me, I’m not much of a summer enthousiast. As soon as temperatures rise above 25 degrees Celcius, I start to long for coolness. And whenever we reach the 30 mark, I sort of stop functioning altogether. Also, this time of year nature does not look its best. At least in my humble opinion. Thick, dark greens dominate the landscape, the water of fens and ponds is filthy from moulting birds and deceased insects. Mosquitos are the rulers of the sky and try to undulate my face. And worst: we get to see mostly bland sunrises and sunsets without any clouds. Most mornings are luke warm, and some even so warm that the smoke that rises from my coffeecup is caused by warm air colliding with less warm coffee, instead of the other way around. Summer for me means looking forward to the cool, crisp mornings of late summer and early autumn, when heather is flowering and mist floats over the landscape. That’s when I feel fully alive. And since I want to make the most of that short timespan, I spend my summer mornings already searching for compositions to shoot. Last week, I found some great vantage points and even got a tiny taste of autumn, when temperatures plummeted to zero at ground level. Since it had not rained for a long time, mist only formed over the fens, but even that tiny amount of mist was set on fire by the rising sun. After all, a bit of summer paradise for me.

Summer Paradise; Canon 5D Mark III w. 70-200/2.8L IS II.