Slow StarterOn last months frontpage of this website, I announced the start of a new non-profit initiative, Wild@Home and Wild@Work. The start-up phase has been slow but steady.

We sent our first quotation to the province of Noord-Brabant, are being mentioned on the weblog of Grasduinen Magazine and will be mentioned again in their regular May issue. Furthermore, the urls to the websites rise steadily to the top of the Google search results, meaning we do get a lot of visits.

Best of all is that the list of participating photographers is now an impressive one. How about David Pattyn, Heike Odermatt, Andrew George, Edwin Kats and Peter & Leon Baas? All very talented and awarded photographers who are generously willing to provide us with their best work. See the Wild@ websites for links to their personal websites and make sure you have a look at our current quality catalogue of available prints!

If you or your employer are interested in our prints, please send an email through the Wild@ websites. And if you know of any local festival or alike where our presence would fit, do not hesitate to let us know either. For such an occasion, we are more than willing to create a collection of photos of local nature and wildlife and fund a local charity with the proceeds of the day.