Over the past weekend, I did not have a lot of time to go out and to be honest, I have been a bit undecisive about my subject matter lately. Kingfishers, Wild Boar, landscapes, flowers, insects and Roe Deer are all promising possibilities but I cannot seem to make a choice for one of them.

The funny thing with Roe Deer is that I never get anything decent when I go out with the specific intention to photograph them. My best photographs of Roe Deer are always, and I really mean always, side-catches. Quick registrations of fleeting moments, often from the car when I am on my way to or from some other subject.

This weekend was no exception. I went out one evening in the car to see if I could find the sounder of Wild Boar near the feeding station that the local hunters have erected. A lot of tracks and evidence of their presence, but no sign of the animals themselves. I did see a beautiful Roe Deer doe in wonderful evening light. The wind was favourable so after some deer-in-landscape shots, I got out of the car and carefully approached the doe. Unfortunately, I was dressed in a white t-shirt with short sleeves (no plans to go for a walk initially) and within the first 5 steps, an agressive and hungry mozzie army had taken over my body. I could have gotten very close to the doe, but decided I was not ready yet to end this life and took a run for the safety of the vehicle. The doe had no idea what was going on and went on with her browsing business.

The morning after, I went out to photograph ducks and waders at the fishing ponds, but all I got was a shot from the car of a beautifully backlit Roe Deer buck that was happily munching away near the entrance to the area. Rest assured I would never had gotten anything like this if Roe Deer had been my subject of choice for the day. Nature sure has its mysterious ways. And I like it.

Roe deer buck; Canon 5D Mark III w. 500/4L IS and 1.4x; 1/160s at F5.6 and ISO1600; beanbag from vehicle