You see right through me,
Cause you’re running away,
You keep turning your back on me,
I tried so hard,
But you’re running away,
Please dont turn your back on me.

Three Days Grace – Running Away

Very appropriate lyrics from a song that is actually about something else, but nevermind. You may want to check out their music, as it literally rocks.

Reality is that I could approach this Roe Deer buck quite closely. Everytime his head went down to graze, I crawled several meters closer through the high grass. Because I sat upwind, the buck could not smell me, and by staying low, he could not see me. When I got close enough for a nice shot, he somehow got a sense of my presence and got very alert. After a loud bark, he ran/jumped off a good 20 meters, only to stand still and be inquisitive. This process repeated several times, until the buck had travelled half a circle around me and could finally sniff my human smell. He ran off into the forest, but at that time I had already had several opportunities for a nice action shot.

Roe Deer in mid-air; Canon 1D Mark III w. 500/4 IS and 1.4x; 1/250s at F5.6 and ISO200; tripod.