Back from summer holiday. Due to family related matters, we had to cancel our planned holiday to France back in June and now ended up on a small campsite very close to home. It was a very enjoyable stay and I went out into the heathland on several promising mornings. Because I know the area rather well, it being close to home, only little time was wasted getting a feel for the area and I could immediately start working on my shots. From what I can judge from the camera LCD, I got several landscape shots that I am pleased with, as well as a bunch of macro shots of dragonflies and butterflies. Processing will have to wait though, as my trusty iMac is currently away for (preventive) service and I am not going to waste a perfectly good RAW by processing it on a dreadful 2007 laptop screen. Hence, this blogpost shows a landscape shot I got almost a year ago, at the end of August 2012 when the heather was in full bloom and I found myself in a purple ocean. I really hope it will be this beautiful again this summer, but it does not look like it to be honest. I visited several local patches last weekend, only to find them lacking in profuse purple and pink colors with brown being the unwanted dominant color. Still two weeks to go until the peak of purples, so fingers crossed the heather will catch up.

Heather before Sunrise; Canon 5D mark III w. 17-40/4L; 10s at F16 and ISO200; ND Grad filter and tripod