Unfortunately still no good news about the fox project, at least not photo-wise. After a long and hot day of strolling through the bonedry heather, I could finally count my blessings as I found a den that is certainly inhabited. Not only were there lots of fresh prints in the sand, I even heard the youngsters growl underneath the surface. They did not feel the need to come out and play (yet). It seems my goal of taking photographs of very young cubs has failed, but I nonetheless look forward to enjoy watching and photographing mischievous adolescents, just like last year. Let’s hope faith is with me in this one and I do get to see them in front of the lens.

That’s no certainty at all, as the fox-mom is a wealthy one with no less than three dens, all some 50 meters apart. That leaves me with about 33% chance of being at the right site…I have seen better odds.

Putting all my eggs in one basket inadvertently means I have to forego all those other interesting subjects and I have the feeling spring has passed without me even knowing. Fortunately, I did get to photograph at least something last weekend. A friend called he had found little Tawny Owl (Strix aluco, Bosuil) owlets. I used my friends coat as a ‘natural’ frame for more interest and the feeling of peeking into the owlets world from the outside.

Tawny Owlet; Canon 5D Mark II w. 500/4L IS; 1/80s at F5.6 and ISO400; tripod

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