At last. This weekend saw me staring at a sandy hole for another 10 hours. Two very early mornings,  I was in position at 5.15 am already, in anxious anticipation of events that would unfold in front of me. Or not. On Friday, at 6.15 I saw movement in the not too tall grass. A patch of wooly grey fur made its way through the grass and I knew it was a fox pup. I could not see the head or face, as the pup was still a tiny one. After a few seconds, the fur retreated into the safety of the den again. This procedure repeated itself around 9.15 and that was it for the day. At least now I knew there actually live foxes in the den. I was surprised though to see only one.

A well-needed sleep in on Saturday was followed by a second early session on Sunday. I had good hopes, but it was not until 8.30 that a fox pup appeared in my viewfinder. This time a little further to the back and more in the little open space available. With shaky fingers I pressed the shutter button, happy to have finally gotten the first shots of the season after all these hours of painstaking research and observation. With these in the bag, I could relax and enjoy the sighting of a young fox pup exploring a still tiny world in the morning sun. Again, I was surprised to see only one. I will definitely be back at the scene for more kiddy fox experience, but not before we have finished our holiday. Hope they (?) will still be there by then.

Fox pup; Canon 5D Mark II w. 500/4L IS and 1.4x; 1/640s at F6.3 and ISO200; tripod and camo cloth

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  • Gaaf dat je ze weer hebt gevonden! Mooi omlijst door het gras deze!
    Gelukkig heb ik ook weer wat mooie dingen kunnen schieten dus het zal uiteindelijk allemaal wel goedkomen. De aanhouder wint zullen we zeggen.

    Fijne vakantie nog.

    Gr. Luuk

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