Over and over, I find myself going back to the same local spots. It has taken me several years to really get to know the area and discover vantage points that are able to deliver good landscape photographs when the conditions are right. I learnt from my mistakes the hard way when I went to new areas in perfect conditions and got nothing worthwhile because I just did not know where to put the tripod. Now, whenever the weather forecast looks promising, I know where to go and always stick to the plan, no matter what. I already have many photographs from this particular patch of heather close to my home, but I still feel I am not finished. Every sunrise is different from the one before, the vegetation keeps changing with the seasons and moving a few steps can deliver new leading lines (like the green grassy line in this one).

I really look forward to try and photograph this scene with the heather in full bloom. That would be around now, so hopefully the weekend will provide for a little morning fog and a beautiful sunrise. Also, I have planned to go back to these exact same vantage points during the peak of autumn colors and a (hopefully) crispy white winter’s day. I do have winter images from this patch, but that was before I discovered the best vantage points. So a revisit it is, over and over again. The photograph above is from a few weeks ago and was taken on a very nice and very early July morning. A few minutes after taking the shot, the cloud cover became very dense and the rising sun never got a chance to directly illuminate the scene. No problem, because I already had the shot I wanted in the bag. Over and out.

Sunrise over Heathland; Canon 5D Mark III w. 17-40/4L; 2.5s at F16 and ISO100; ND Grad filter, remote release and tripod

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  • Super compositie Marijn! Vanavond maar eens de Meinweg op, kijken of ik daar zo’n mooi plekje kan vinden :p
    Je ijsvogel is ook erg goed gelukt trouwens. Is weer eens wat anders dan de standaard close-ups!

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