— Extra Newsflash —

I am very happy and proud to announce that my abstract image of zebra stripes has won the ‘Mountain and Nature in Abstract’ category at the 2011 Memorial Maria Luisa awards. This is a growing Spanish nature photography contest that this year attracted over 11.500 images by 1.000 photographers from all over the world. The photo is an oldie (from 2007) and won an award before (Asferico 2008), but I am happy to see it is still appreciated and it remains one of my personal favorites.

As so often, there is more Dutch success in the competition. Johan van de Watering won a highly commended with a beautiful dark and moody image of poppies and other wildflowers. Congrats! Do check out his website, Johan has some very inspiring work to show.

So much for the ‘old’. The ‘new’ refers to the new design of the website. I got tired of the old look and wanted something clean and with a business feel to it. Hence the choice for refreshing white combined with business grey and just a hint of color. In the process, I decided to try my hand at a new logo too, as the old one looked good in small size, but did not hold up when enlarged. The new one is a vector image and can be blown up to kingsize without any loss in quality. It is based on one of my own (favorite) images of a Common Tern. That’s it for now, hopefully a new image next time, although the weatherforecast does not look promising (again).