Of mice and menLast weekend, my significant other and I did an inventory in a nearby woodland for mice, voles and shrews. Over the course of two days, we did 5 check-ups of the 100 lifetraps we had placed, spread over spots with varying vegetation (woodland, heather, grainfields).

We trapped over one hundred mice and voles, but just one shrew. As expected, the most common species was the adorable but jumpy wood mouse, followed closely by the fluffy and timid bank vole. Species we captured in smaller numbers were the scruffy field vole, the tiny harvest mouse and a deceased dwarf shrew.

Of course, I took the opportunity to photograph the various species we captured. For this purpose, I had built a special photostudio out of wood and plexiglas. As the mice and voles are constantly on the move or underground, my patience was tested to the maximum. But in the end I got the photographs I had in mind. I did not try for regular registration shots, but strived for more artistic photos with the use of common studio techniques.

Needless to say, my supermodels spent the weekend in unsurpassed luxury: each got a double room with a view and plenty of hay, carrot, apple, peanutbutter and oats. And although some made a succesful (but temporary) escape into my home office, they were of course released at the exact same spot we had captured them.

Wood Mouse; Canon 1D mark III w. Tamron 90/2,8; 1/250s at F11 and ISO 100; Homemade mouse studio and two flashes.

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  • You have been busy like a moose yourself I see. Well done. Love to have a go in that studio.

    All the best,

    Edwin Kats

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