Concepts of NatureNo, unfortunately the book cover to the left is not mine. It’s the cover to Andy Rouse’s latest coffee table book titled “Concepts of Nature”. I’m a huge fan of both coffee and Andy’s work, and his latest book is no exception.

In the book, Andy describes the process he has recently gone through as a photographer: the transformation from a mere ‘soft light frame filler’ to someone who uses the quality and direction of light to convey beauty and emotion. I got lots of inspiration from the book and the stunning images that illustrate it and decided to put that inspiration to good use during my latest Africa trip.

Trying to find a way to thank Andy for the inspiration, I decided to write an article for In this article , I make a comparison between the photos I took on a former trip to Zambia (click here for the respective article) and the ones I took on my latest trip. I am sure you’ll be able to see the difference between the images from both trips to the same place.

I informed Andy on the article and he was very happy to hear that his book apparently has the effect he had meant and hoped for. He has even made a mention of the article in his Blog. Of course, I am honoured to be mentioned by the photographer that must be my main source of inspiration!


  • Marijn, I just read your articles and phototechnical I find you really made a great positive development, by using the light in a creative way. Much more atmospheric charisma due to the light cirumstances. With respect, I think you now passed the level of registration-pics.
    It’s very inspirering to me,so I will try to use it myself in the nearby future as well.

  • Hi Marijin,

    I read about you on Andy’s BLOG and checked out your site. Coming from Sri lanka, not so blessed with great atmospheric light like in your country or Africa. We have hard TROPICAL light here which limit us to carryout photography to the first and last light of the day only for maximum effect.

    You have used light very creatively and got the very common subjects standout so well. This is what i call photography. Not just going to africa and shooting only the Big five, which everyone does.You seem to have used your passion of photography for everyone to see and encourage photographers that sky is the limit in this passion.

    Keep it up….
    IFHAM RAJI- Sri-Lanka

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