Here’s another one from last week when I spent the majority of the morning with a small clump of Bristly Haircap (Polytrichum piliferum, Ruig Haarmos). This one was shot lying flat on the ground and with extension tubes and a converter used to be able to focus closer and obtain even more magnification. The larger the setup becomes, the harder it gets to keep the whole rig from moving. The nice thing about photography at such high magnification is that moving a few millimeters to the left or right can yield a completely different image. I simply move until the viewfinder shows something I like. A very rewarding and unhasty way of photography.

Bristly Haircap; Canon 5D Mark II w. 150/2.8, 1.4x and extension tubes; 1/25s at F2.8 and ISO200; tripod