To the left is my first and only photograph taken in 2012 and it perfectly represents the nature of the current winter, if one could call it a winter at all. Dark, gloomy, rainy, windy, mild. In Dutch we would call this a ‘kwakkelwinter’, a sickly winter. All this darkness could well be a herald to the Maya prophecy that planet earth is bound to meet its maker in 2012. At least at home, things are heading south quickly. Software on the Mac suddenly stopped working, the kitchen lights failed on me and replacements that fit the holes in the cabinets are no longer sold. So even more darkness at the Heuts mansion. I think I’ll just sit still and see what happens. Maybe the Mayas were wrong after all and just were not able to count any further than 2012.

Well, dear Mayas, I got news for you: 2013 is the next number and surely not the last. Hopefully one of them is a follower of this blog, recognizes their mistake and turns the lights on again. Oh, and when you’re at it, please switch the frost and snow levers too. Thank you. Or muchas gracias for that matter.

Flooded Heather; Canon 5D Mark II w. 17-40/4L; 30s at F16 and ISO200; ND-Grad filter, tripod and remote release