Yesterday saw the whole country celebrate the birthday of our current Queen on the day of birth of our previous Queen. Don’t even ask. I used the elongated weekend to do some much needed paint jobs in and around the house. And yes, I even painted one wall in our house orange. Not that I am a royalistic person, even on the contrary, but it seemed like a nice, sunny color for our expected second baby’s bedroom. Even though I had a lot of help from my father, it still was one heck of a lot of work. So not a lot of time to go out with the camera. Only Friday early in the morning, I was in the field.

I went to the fishing ponds in hopes of a good sunrise and possibly some backlit Roe Deer. None of those happened, it was a drab and windy morning, even chilly. I did find this male Orange Tip (Antocharis cardamines; Oranjetipje) perched on its host plant, the Cuckoo Flower (Cardamine pratensis; Pinksterbloem) and holding tightly to endure the stiff wind. A premature Queensday image if you ask me.

I gave up after an hour at the fishing ponds and used the remaining part of the morning to check on some fox dens that I know in the area. It appears to become yet another frustrating fox season, as like previous years I could not find any proof of recent activity. I will need last minute tips again, or so it seems.

Orange Tip; Canon 5D Mark II w. 150/2.8 macro; 1/50s af F4 and ISO200; tripod


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