Little thingsLast weekend, I went to the Veluwe to see and hopefully photograph red deer and wild boar. Unfortunately, weather conditions were not suitable for photography with lots of rain and dark, gloomy skies. So although we did see lots of deer and boar and had a great time (thanks, Ed!), we were not able to get any useful images.

Luckily, there’s always the small world of macro that is waiting to be photographed. The main butterfly season has ended, but in their place fungi are now abound. Best thing about fungi is they do not run or fly away!

Spiders do, so I had to act quickly to get this shot with the spider in the right position for the composition I had in mind. As the light was weak and not particularly beautiful, I underexposed by about a stop and used my off-camera flash to light the fungus from below to get the glowing effect.

Spider on fungus; Canon 1D Mark III w. Tamron 90/2,8; 1/200s at F4 and ISO 200, Canon 550EX at -2 stops; Gitzo tripod.


  • Erg goed gebruik gemaakt van je flitser, dat doe ik ook weleens in deze omstandigheden..mooie spanning geeft die spin eraan!

  • Een prima oog voor het detail en uitstekend vast gelegd.
    Hele mooie lichtval.


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