Into the lightWe’ve passed the shortest day of the year and daytime hours slowly increase again. The good news is that it implies an increase in photography time too. The downside is that we’ll have to get out of bed a bit earlier each day to be out at sunrise.

A more filosofical approach to “into the light” might be that we have left the year 2008, including the dark days of December, behind us. We venture into a brand new year, with fresh ideas and inspiration and lots of beautiful light to look forward to. I surely hope you’ll all be able to fulfill at least some of your photographic dreams in the year to come.

The literal meaning of “into the light” should be clear. I shot this scene of a lonely, frost-covered tree directly into the sun. By placing the sun behind the branches of the tree, I could prevent flare and lower the contrast to acceptable levels.
A polarizer and two stacked ND Grad filters did the rest.

I would have loved to shoot this image with the sun lower to the horizon and with softer tones overall. Unfortunately, dense fog hid lots of interesting subjects from view during the early hours of the day. Though I must say the fog proved to be an interesting subject by itself. All in all I had a very productive morning. More to come!

Frost-covered treescape; Canon 1D Mark III w. 17-40/4; 1/30s at F16 and ISO 100; Tripod, mirror-lockup, polarizer, stacked 2 and 3 stop ND Grad filters.

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  • Kan niet anders zeggen, dan een prachtige foto.
    Complimenten voor dit beeld!

    Groet Agnes

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