No new work to show because last weekend saw me inside for most of the time. A lot of rain and heavy gusts, combined with other obligations, made me decide to let the camera have some well-deserved rest for a week. It made me miss one hell of a sunrise on Sunday, but I am sure there will be more of those in this lifetime. I used the weekend for other photography related issues. Most important is the finalization of all the bookings for a trip of a lifetime to the Masai Mara next November. I can’t even start to tell you how excited I am about visiting this magical place that has already offered me so many great moments in front of the tv or just by watching other people’s photos on the internet.

On a slightly smaller scale of excitement, I started the construction of a heavy duty, but still detachable, wooden hide. I plan to use it during spring and summer at the local fishing ponds to attract and photograph marsh inhabitants like warblers, waders, ducks, herons and kingfisher. During winter, it could be moved to a woodland setting for winterbirds. I am halfway the construction and looking forward to putting it to good use in this beautiful, secluded nature reserve. Above is a photo from earlier this year when I had a nice long session with no less than 13 Great Egrets. A cyclist made them take off and I caught two in flight. I like the inclusion of the stoical Buzzard in the background.

On a less serious note, the title of this blogpost reminded me of the Ofsspring song titled Intermission. Check it out: It’s a short but funny tune.