In BloomAs some of you may have noticed, I have started to broaden my photographic view. Although I still love to photograph birds, I find myself more and more photographing insects, landscapes, mammals and abstracts.

With insects, abstracts, landscapes and flowers, you can take all the time you need to finetune your composition and exposure. Every single aspect of the end result is in your own capable hands. Whereas with birds and mammals, it’s often a hell of a job to just get a shot, any shot. The variables are much less under your control.

Last weekend, I took a walk with my parents. The idea was to look for Adder (or Common Viper) in a heathland close to their home. When we did not find any, my dad told me about a bluebell forest not much further up the road. In my mind, the only place where one can photograph wild bluebell in a beech forest is the Hallerbos near Brussels. I was wrong.

Although lacking the size and wide vistas of the Hallerbos, this tiny forest offered enough opportunities for closeups and abstracts. In this image, I made the best from the strong wind by choosing a long shutterspeed. I like the effect, almost as if someone is ringing the bells.

Bluebells in strong wind; Canon 1D Mark III w. 500/4 IS; 1/3s at F10 and ISO 100;Gitzo tripod and cable release