The ice age is coming to an end, at least for this year. Only the nights and early mornings can still be very cold. The result is a tiny layer of remaining ice on small bodies of still water, like rainwater that cannot drain into the earth because of the still partly frozen ground. This thin ice can make for a very interesting subject for abstract images. Because of cracks, airbubbles and the underlying soil shining through, lots of lines, shapes and forms appear.

I spent about two hours photographing a tiny rainpool of about 20×20 centimeters.

I got so taken up in the process that I did not notice a small group of 7 roe deer that had sneaked up on me. Normally it’s the other way around! When I finally moved to stretch my back for a minute, I scared the heck out of the roe deer and they ran of quickly into the undergrowth. Those are the encounters that make nature photography so addictive and keep me going out at unearthly hours of the day time and time again.

Ice Structure; Canon 1D Mark III w. 150/2.8; 1/8s at F11 and ISO200; Tripod.