In the ice, that is. Last Friday was another grey and gloomy day (talk about a pattern…). When the alarm went off, the radio mentioned dense fog in the whole country, except for the regio where I live. Bummer, no day for landscape photography.
Fortunately, the night had been clear and temperature had dropped just below zero. Just cold enough to freeze tiny amounts of water. So I took the 5D and a macro lens and went for a pleasant stroll through my favourite forest. Harvesting machines and bovines had recently left deep tracks in the trail which had filled with rainwater.

The overnight frost had left very interesting patterns in the ice and so I spent the whole morning in an awkward position, bent over the tripod looking straight down on the various patterns in the ice. As the macro lens captures only a few square centimeters at a time, it pays to spend a lot of time at one spot and carefully and slowly move the setup whilst looking through the viewfinder. A small change in position can create a completely different composition. More frost is predicted for this weekend, so I anticipate more icy patterns in my archive to come.

Ice Pattern; Canon 5D Mark II w. 150/2.8 macro; 0.5s at F11 and ISO200; tripod