How Deer you?I have just returned from a photographic holiday to Bulgaria. The trip was the prize for last years Grasduinen win. I had a great time, got up around 4 in the morning every day and only packed the photographic gear when the sun went down around 9pm. Some of the results from a very interesting week in a beautiful, partly unspoilt country will be published in Grasduinen. That means I cannot show any photos here yet. Keep an eye out for (probably) the september issue of the magazine.

Instead, here’s a portrait of a browsing female roe deer, taken just a few days before I left for Bulgaria.

Actually, the end of June is the best time of the year to try your photographic luck with roe deer. The males come into rut and are less difficult to approach. Let’s just say they are focussed on more important things than nature photographers trying to take their picture. Also, the fawns are now old enough to take a stroll with mom, which means your chances of finding a female with a fawn in the fields increase. And best, the days are long in this time of the year. The evening light is beautifully warm and you’ll have time to go out and try your luck after work or school. If you prefer the cooler (as in color temperature) morning light, you’ll have to get up very early. Either way, good luck!

Roe Deer; Canon 1D Mark III w. 500/4 IS and 1,4x; 1/100s at F5,6 and ISO 400; Beanbag from car