My photographic climate usually has its ups and downs during the year and it seems I am currently experiencing a small recession. I started spring with a wealth of possible subjects and a lack of time to cover them all, but somehow they managed to one by one evade the camera and now I have to think hard what to photograph whenever I have the time. Also, the weather is not really working with us photographers, is it? Too cloudy for colorful sunrises, too windy for macro work and songbirds, too dark for action shots with the long lens, to grey and bland for moody shots, and so on. Of course I did go out to see what I could find. Over the last week,¬†dragonflies have emerged en masse from their second skins, almost a month later than usual. I found several on elevated positions, waving like a mad flag. They had to use all their resources to not fall down and kept changing their position with the ever-changing wind directions. I found one smarter individual, a Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea; Smaragdlibel),¬†that had chosen a low and sheltered position. Still, I had to wait for those short periods in which the wind had to catch a breath, because the lack of light made me use slow shutterspeeds, even at high ISO. Let’s see if the recession will soon be followed by a photographic boom. The signs are good, with better weather coming our way and the confirmation that ‘my’ Little Owl couple is indeed ‘on eggs’.

Downy Emerald; Canon 5D Mark III w. 150/2.8 macro; 1/125s at F2.8 and ISO800; tripod