A weekend like no other in several aspects. Hanneke and me got married last Friday. We were very lucky to have a bright and sunny late summers day, and celebrated our wedding together with the persons that are important to us: our family and friends.

Big thanks to everyone who spent the day and/or evening with us and for all the heartwarming giftcards, emails, presents, speeches and surprises. We will never forget this day!

Photography-wise (that’s what the blog is all about, right?), it was a very strange weekend. Besides not picking up a camera at all, I suddenly found myself in the position of the photographic subject. I must admit it made me feel a bit awkward and from now on I will have deep respect for the birds and mammals that pose for my camera and look completely natural.

We have already seen some of the photographic results. Hanneke looks really amazing, but as for me…it has again been proven that I am at my best on the other side of the camera.


  • Dank, het was een erg geslaagde avond. Sorry dat we niet op de “film” staan, want wij hebben hetzelfde gevoel als jij beschrijft..

    Veel geluk samen..

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