Misery likes company, and it seems I am the perfect companion for the miserable weather of lately. I have been retracing my digital steps in the archive and my last great sunrise was both in another year and another continent! Since November last year, I never found myself looking up at the sky in amazament again. Too bad, as I found a sweetspot at my new playground and have been dying to photograph it in the right light. Over the past weeks, I paid dozens of visits to the area, but even when it looked promising, I ended up looking at a big colorless mass time and time again. No snow, no pink skies, no mist, no frost, no nothing. I know that will change and I am certain the area is spectacular when the heather is in full bloom. Until then, I think I’ll change the subject of my everlasting quest and leave the landscapes alone for a while. At least the big sweeping vistas, and change towards the miniature landscapes that are about everywhere. That’s what I did on my way home: spending an hour working on a few square centimeters of nature. No pink skies, mist or frost needed, just a good eye and a macrolens. Goodbye misery, I am off, going to look for other company.

Pine Bark; Canon 5D mark III w. 150/2.8; 0.8s at F16 and ISO200; tripod