Temperature just below zero, clean and crisp air and the day off, that’s how I like it. I went for a walk in the local forest just to see what would cross my path. I found some nice ice structures as expected, enjoyed being out in the woods alone and sat down every now and then for a cup of coffee and some well-needed rest (walking for miles with every single piece of gear you own gets heavy after a while). During one such coffeebreak, I heard the telltale sound of a Great Spotted Woodpecker rolling on a dead tree stump. I had heard many of them during the course of the morning, but this one was pretty close.

Actually, it was right above my head. I carefully crossed a small track and set up the camera, pointing upwards in a steep angle. I had to focus manually because of the canopy between the camera and the woodie. There he was, a silhouet with just a tiny bit of sunlight hitting his bill. I took a few frames and went back to the still hot coffee, satisfied with the moody image that just presented itself to me. Sometimes, it can be easy.

Great Spotted Woodpecker; Canon 1D Mark III w. 500/4 L IS; 1/800s at F5.6 and ISO200; tripod


  • Hallo Marijn,

    Een zeer mooie foto. Het silhouet tegen de pastelkleurige achtergrond. Het groene rechtsonder geeft naar mijn mening ook diepte in de foto. Alleen het zwart en de pastelkleurige lucht waren wellicht saai geweest.

    Verder mijn complimenten voor de nieuwe lay-out van je site. Origineel, fris en duidelijk.

    Groeten Pieter.

  • Hoi Marijn

    Mooie vernieuwing van je site. Nog 1 tip, gebruik een script oid om je foto’s mooi te presenteren wanneer iemand op een foto klikt om hem in het groot te bekijken?


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