Here’s one from last week. A night with a clear sky meant temperatures hovered around zero degrees celcius. The weather forecast for the following day predicted a sunny day, which means early morning, there will be fog, lots of fog. Especially above bodies of water. So naturally, I went to the local fishing ponds. Already en route I saw a dense layer of fog on moist meadows. Nice!
When I arrived at the ponds, all I needed was a suitable subject to pose in my misty landscape. And preferrably against the setting sun, as fog looks best with the light right into the lens.

This couple of Great Crested Grebes obeyed my wishes and gracefully swam by just as the first sunrays peeked above the horizon. They did not need to come any closer, as I wanted to stress the wide expanse of nothingness that dense fog can create. The reeds on the right hand corner provide just a little hint of the habitat that gradually appears when the fog evaporates in the warm sunrays.

Great Crested Grebes; Canon 1D Mark III w. 500/4 IS and 1.4x; 1/320s at F8 and ISO 400; Tripod.

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