For a change, some good news from Russia. Google Translate told me I achieved a highly commended in the Art in Nature category of the Golden Turtle contest with my image titled ‘watercolors in the rain’. It features a beautifully colored tree of unknown species, growing in a parking lot in the middle of my hometown. I photographed it on a stormy autumn morning with white skies. The hard wind made the leaves go all over the place. I chose a long exposure to get an abstract effect. There was too much light for a slow enough shutterspeed and I had no ND filter with me. So I used a double exposure, without changing focus or composition in between exposures. This way, I could replicate the effect of a longer shutterspeed in camera and get more color in the frame.  I am happy with this little succes, especially after several ‘close but no cigar’ finalist images at other contest recently. Congrats to the other winners, especially my fellow Dutchmen. All winning images can be found here.

Autumn Tree; Canon 5D mark III w. 70-200/2.8 L IS II; double exposure, tripod