Friday the 12thI have never had any bad experiences with the number 13. On the contrary, some very good things happened to me in the past on the 13th, even on Friday the 13th. Friday the 12th, however, is a completely different story it seems.

It started with the weather forecast. Friday should be a nice and sunny day, the rest of the weekend was to be cloudy. So I arrived at a local lake before dawn to photograph ducks at first light. I froze my bottom off, waiting for a sunrise that never came. It was a very drab morning, so I resorted to some panblur shots.

On the way home, my car got a puncture. I spent the rest of the icy morning on a sandy forest road to exchange tyres. Finally home, I somehow managed to hit my neck with the carwindow. It still hurts… In the mail was a very nice letter from the authorities, politely asking me to transfer some money for a speeding offence. Nice.

Luckily, the evening brought better news. The award ceremony of the Argus competiton took place in Bornem and my image of a singing blackbird on a streetlight was awarded a honorable mention. Others did even better: Peter Baas won a category, as did Mike Testroote. Agnes Bax won the price of the audience with her amazing shot of two fighting foxes. Big congrats to all!!!

Northern Shoveler couple; Canon 1D Mark III w. 500/4 IS; 1/30s at F4 and ISO 400; Tripod from waterside.

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  • Hallo Marijn,

    Ik kreeg van Edwin te horen, dat je een stukje op je weblog hebt geschreven.
    Erg leuk om te lezen.
    Prachtige site heb je trouwens.
    Erg leuk om je ontmoet te hebben. Nu heb ik eens een gezicht bij een naam.
    Gisteren erg genoten van de leuke avond.

    Groetjes van Agnes

    P.s.: gefeliciteerd met je eervolle vermelding van de vogel op de lantaarnpaal. Tof!!!

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