Fresh Snow DropsLast weekend, I found a part of our small garden covered with fresh snow drops. Not your typical crystal-shaped packages of frozen water that fall from the cloudy winter sky, but beautiful white flowers from a bulbous plant. And that means spring is here!

The first signs of spring have been visible and audible for a few days now. Lapwings perform their noisy acrobatics in the sky, dunnocks sing their hearts out to claim their 2009 territories, common toads start their pilgrimage to the spawning waters and daylight stretches beyond work hours.

These little things can really cheer me up and I really look forward to the coming months. The difficult part about the arrival of spring is the abundance of photographic subjects. It is hard to choose between them, but without some planning, you can get lost in trying and doing many things at the same (limited) time. The result? Lots of photographs that are just not it. I have learnt the hard way. So like last year, I will set my goals and will try my best to stick to the plan. Only when a very unique opportunity arises may I deviate from the masterplan and go for it.

No matter what your photographic masterplan for spring is going to be, be sure to enjoy yourself!

Snow Drop; Canon 1D Mark III w. 90/2,8; 1/100s at F4 and ISO 200; Beanbag

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  • Goed gebruik gemaakt van de DOF en zachte lichtomstndigheden. Ben niet helemaal zeker over het bovenste gedeelte (de kromming van de stengel, die nu een beetje afgesneden is) en misschien de onscherpte op het eerste blaadje?

    Nog leuke dingen kunnen doen met de padden?

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