Finally a day with lower temperatures and even a few hours without rain. Time to head for the forest office and try a thing or two.

One thing I quickly learnt is that the birds are very much frightened by a camera close to the restaurant table. They just would not sit down and feed, instead they dive-bombed the dining room with all kinds of acrobatic moves. The solution was to zoom in a bit and position the camera further away. But even with that problem solved, it is very hard to actually get the birds in the frame. And preferably sharp, that is.

This shot of a flying-by Nuthatch is nothing like the results I have in mind, but I do like it. The position in the frame is fine, the darkish but not blacked-out background gives a hint of dusk and the bird is actually sharp. What could be better: the bird faces away from the camera and the wings would look better fully extended.

Not only does the Nuthatch fly away, so will I. This will most likely be the last post of 2009 in this blog, as I am heading to Patagonia later this week for our honeymoon. Of course, the camera will travel with me, but I try to take as little as possible and not turn this into a photo holiday. Even with limited gear, the vast and beautiful landscapes of southern Chili and Argentina featuring lakes, glaciers and mountains should yield some very nice shots. Keep an eye out for those somewhere around January 2010. Well. then let me be the first (probably) to wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2010. May the beautiful light and some cooperative subjects be with you!
Nuthatch flying by; Canon 1D Mark III with 17-40/4 L; 1/320 at F16 and ISO125. Flash, remote control, Gitzo tripod.