Back from an amazing 8-day trip to Iceland with fellow nature photographer Andrew George. We started with not so interesting weather for photography, but along the way it got from better to perfect. Stormy skies and hailstorms on the black beaches of Vik, snowy lavafields on the road to the Jökulsárlon, beautiful sunrises and sunsets at the icelake itself and frozen waterfalls on the way back to the airport. Most amazing of all, we got to see the famous Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis, Noorderlicht) no less than 5 times in those 8 days! The predictions for an active sunwind were very favourable, but one also needs clear skies to be able to see the Aurora.

Well, we got those clear and icecold nights on several occasions. Not always was the Aurora very bright and one time it only lasted for about a minute, but on one occasion, it was both bright and lasted much longer. I still get goosebumps when looking at the shots I got. I am glad I did some internet research before the trip on how to photograph the Aurora. The information I found was spot on. Funny thing is I had expected the Aurora to come with sonor sounds. My mistake.

Busy weeks lie ahead, as I have way too many photographs to sort through and also need to make plans for Dutch spring, which seems well on its way.

Aurora Borealis; Canon 5D mark II w. 17-40/4; 15s at F4 and ISO1600; tripod and remote release.

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