— Extra Newsflash —

I am proud to announce that my abstract image of a dewy spiderweb in front of a Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria, Vliegenzwam) has been awarded a Highly Commended at the 2011 Glanzlichter awards in Germany in the ‘Nature as Art’ category. This image from 2009 has long been one of my own favorites and reached far in every competition I entered it into. Until now though, it never survived the final round of judging, so I am relieved it finally got the appreciation I think it deserves.

Of course, there is more Dutch success in the competition. Both Andrew George and Heike Odermatt received no less than 3 awards. Quite an achievement! All winners can be seen here.

By the way: I initially had another winning image in this competition, but it has been disqualified for reasons I do not agree with. I’ll post the story and the before and after images in a future post with my thoughts on the subject and am curious what your thoughts are.

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  • Marijn, it is a strikingly beautifull image. Congratulations

    Gerard Leeuw

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