ExhibitionismWhen I won the Grasduinen photography competition last year, the editors told me they wanted to publish a portfolio of some of my images in their magazine. Well, today’s the day! You can find the portfolio in this months edition.

I am rather happy with the images they chose from the batch I had sent them. They look good next to eachother colorwise, fit February well weatherwise and nicely represent all of my favourite photographic themes and locations. Birds, mammals, landscapes, Netherlands, Europe and Africa. Could not be better!

What really surprised me was the note I got last week that one of my images made it to the cover of this same edition. The closeup of a squirrel was chosen to illustrate the main topic of this edition: which mammals do we like, which ones don’t we like, and why?

It seems squirrels play an important role in the development of my photographic career. The same squirrel image that won the 2008 Grasduinen competition reached the finals of the WildWonders competition and now another image of the same individual made it to the cover. I guess I’ll have to rapidly find myself another squirrel to keep the flow going.

It is and always will remain a strange sensation to walk into a bookstore and see your own photo on the shelf. Even better: see other people buy the magazine with your cover image. That is the strange thing about us nature photographers: we prefer to go out alone and can be really individualistic, even self-contained persons. But inside all of us lives a senior exhibitionist: we love to share our images with other people and go a long way to have our photos published in magazines and the like. I use to refer to it as schizo-photographic. All rights reserved…


  • Hei Marijn.

    We hebben de Grasduinen hier op de tafel voor ons liggen.
    Nou en ik kan je zeggen, je mag terecht trots op jezelf zijn. Dat je dit allemaal bereikt is toch super mooi. Wat wil je nog meer.
    Proficiat hoor.!!!!!!
    Prachtig om te lezen en te zien.
    Dat er nog maar veel mooie recensies van je mogen verschijnen en dat je maar veel prijzen mag winnen!!!

    Groetjes uit Hoofddorp van Agnes en Colinda

  • Ja Marijn
    Geweldig dat weekje Zweden allemaal heeft aangericht…
    Nu doorgaan en veel wedstrijden winnen!

    Fanclub M Heuts

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