Not a lot of sparetime this weekend, and I decided to spend the few hours without obligations on creating an AV-Show about my winter trip to Iceland. After it has been presented at our local photoclub later this week, I’ll see if I can upload it to Vimeo and place a link on the blog.

The hardest part about creating such a show is finding the right music. It should support the feeling you want your photos to convey and not distract the attention from your hard work. In the end, I chose several tracks from a couple of production music dvd’s I had laying around. The good thing about putting together a slideshow is that you are forced to delve deeper into the archives in search of hidden gems.

Here is one of the images I had missed during the first editing phase and really liked. I deliberately left the Levels rather untouched. Normally, I would ensure bot a decent whitepoint and blackpoint, and adjust the middle slider to taste. This time, I left the image muddy and dark, because I felt it fit better with the dark and gloomy weather and landscape I witnessed at the time of shooting.

Just a small rant to finish off. On one of the weekenddays I had no time for photography, I found a group of beautiful fungi on a small patch of grass near the carpark close to my home. The next day, I had an hour in the early morning to try and take some photographs of them, and I looked really forward to experimenting with the macro lens. You can imagine how I felt when I noticed that someone had demolished the Fungal Beauties overnight. Why the $%*# is it that people feel the urge to demolish anything beautyful. Is it that they cannot stand anything to be less ugly than they are themselves, so just pure jealousy? Do they enjoy the beauty but want to keep it to themselves, so pure selfishness? It happens way too often to my liking, and I am sure I am not the only one.

Lavabeach of Vik; Canon 5D Mark II w. 17-40/4L; 0.3s at F22 and ISO100; ND grad filter; tripod

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