2010 has been a quite succesful year, photographywise, but it just got even better. The winners of the Outdoor Photographer of the Year Awards have been announced and I am very happy and proud that my image of a Fungus in predawn blue light has won the ‘Small World’ category!

The competition is organized, this year for the first time, by the UK magazine Outdoor Photography. It is bound to be one of those competitions every nature photographer wants to win. Needless to say then that I am thrilled to be among the first winners. All winners can be seen on the website of the competition.

About the image, it was shot during an excursion with the local camera club to a forest wellknown for its richness in fungi. We were there at the end of a very dry summer, and therefore only found very few fungi. But as you see, you only need one. The out of focus patterns are from blueberry leaves in the foreground and canopy leaves in the far background. The image was shot lying in a ditch to be able to shoot upwards.

Funny thing is, I consider myself mainly a bird and mammal photographer, but have been most succesful with macro, plant, landscape and fungus images. Maybe I should (literally) switch focus…

Happy Christmas to all of you. I’ll probably post one more blog this year, and then it’s off to 2011!