After several days of truly wild autumn weather with lots of rain and heavy winds, things finally calmed down Saturday in the afternoon. I went out for a short stint to see how many fungi I could find at my favourite spot for the subject. I found lots of them, but nothing that screamed ‘please come back with better light’ at me. So I decided to return to my personal playground on Sunday morning. With all the moisture that had come down during the last few days and a cold and clear night to come, one could be sure that the heathland would be covered in fog in the morning. But I was also anxious to see what the sunset on Saturday would bring.

I expected a blast of color and was not disappointed. Just after sunset, the sky looked like a painting by my daughter. All kinds of colored streaks overlapped and crossed eachother and made for a dazzling aray of hues. Even without a camera I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show develop from the bedroom window. A last look out of the window before going to bed was very satisfactory too. A thick layer of fog made it impossible to even see the other side of the street. The early morning delivered the goods because enough of that thick fog had survived the night. There also was a distant cloud cover, a remnant of the night, that added to the scene. The rising sun colored the clouds a beautiful pink, the water in the largest fen (although shallow) was perfectly still and the fog muted all sounds of nature. Only a cackling flock of geese flying overhead managed to break the silence. Wonderful! I got several wideangle shots of the perfect reflections in the fen. The only thing that could have been better were the still-absent autumn colors in the trees bordering the shoreline. After a while, I decided to mount the telelens and get something different from what I got over the last months. I really have to get used to the diferent perspective and have to learn to see the patterns in the intimate -as opposed to wide- landscape, but I enjoyed the change and am looking forward to see if I can further broaden the portfolio of my favourite playground.

Fen at dawn; Canon 5D Mark III w. 70-200/2.8L IS II; 1/4s at F16 and ISO100; ND Grad filter, remote release and tripod